Whos dating lindsey lohan

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A new guy has just surfaced on Lindsay Lohan’s dating radar and he is a young millionaire all the way from Russia.

His name is Egor Tarabasov and he is the newfound love of Hollywood’s favorite damsel-in-distress, Lindsay Lohan.

Since the beginning of this year, Lindsay’s has got a new man in her life and it’s now confirmed to be Egor Tarabasov, a young entrepreneur and heir to one of Russia’s most prominent millionaire families.

Lohan has been sharing intimate moments with her new Russian boyfriend on her Instagram.

These photos are more than a hint to how Lindsay is falling head-over-heels for Egor.

While the guy’s name reminds us of Igor, the creepy hunchbacked assistant in the Frankenstien story, Egor is much more like charming prince who’s just wooed Lindsay.

The 29-year-old actress and famed socialite has had a life full of controversies, dating some of the most desirable men in Hollywood.

Lindsay’s 22-year-old boyfriend is stirring up social media, as everyone is trying to figure out how he managed to get with the actress.

So far, we’ve discovered that Egor Tarabasov is Lindsay’s international treasure, coming all the way from Russia.

Egor is known to be a millionaire heir of Moscow’s affluent real estate mogul, Dmitry Tarabasov.

Egor’s father has several businesses spread across Russia and is one of the wealthiest businessmen from Moscow.

Even though Egor is a real Russian heir, he is also a smart, young entrepreneur who has set up his own company for earnings.

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