Who is rainie yang dating now

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Who is rainie yang dating now

TAIPEI - Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang has blown off a report about her secret marriage to Chinese singer Li Ronghao, saying it is a "scary" Hungry Ghost Festival story.Next Magazine said today that Yang, 31, and Li, 30, had obtained marriage certificates in Beijing at the end of July. It's the seventh Chinese month now, is it a newsbreak from the underworld...scary! "The point is, I'm not married, although I'm fainting from seeing the report, but thank you for your concern." (In Mandarin, "married" and "fainting" are homonyms.) Yang's and Li's agents also denied the secret marriage story.

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Next Magazine cited a message by Taiwanese singer Prince, Yang's former boyfriend who congratulated a female friend on her marriage on Facebook.But he said today that his message was for a friend outside show business, reported Apple Daily.Yang and Li are said to have been dating since last year.Actress-singer Yang's hit idol dramas include 2010's While We Were Drunk.Despite being under the weather, Taiwanese singer, actress and TV host Rainie Yang pulled out all the stops for the Singapore leg of her 'Love Voyage' concert at The Max Pavillion at the Singapore Expo.Rainie presented an audio and visual spectacle at her concert, performing all her hits like 'Ideal Lover' (理想情人), 'Meeting Love' (遇上爱) and 'Celebrate' (庆祝).

The 28-year-old even hanged upside down while singing as well as performing submerged in a water-tank.

Taiwanese celebrity, Rainie Yang and Chinese singer, Li Ronghao are currently dating and very much in love with each other.

According to Asian E-News Portal, both of them were discovered holding hands together when shopping at a department store in Tokyo a few days ago.

It seems they are not trying to keep their love life private. See photos related to the article in the gallery below.

Rainie Yang Cheng Lin born Taipei, Taiwan, is known for her acting achievements in many Taiwanese dramas.

Since 2001, Rainie has been in 13 Taiwanese dramas. She was once in a band called "4 in Love" who have disbanded, but she continues to strive for her singing career as a solo artist with her 2005 ...