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The fighters they've come to see are being prepped right up to the last minute, as handlers secure razor-sharp blades to their feet. Welcome to the sometimes brutal — many say cruel — world of Puerto Rican cock fighting. I came from that place where people really need to express themselves." Omar, who last year made a splash with the monster hit "Reggaeton Latino," has his Universal Records debut, King of Kings, coming out May 23.

"You know, Puerto Rico is part of the States, but you can't see this in the United States," Omar continues. That's a moment that all Latinos forget about where you are. Forget about if you're from Venezuela, forget about if you're from PR, forget about if you are from Cuba. "Maybe those things you only see it in Puerto Rico. You come with your friends, you come with your family." Pointing into the stands on the opposite side of the circular venue, he says, "Those are friends from school. Maybe in the United States they don't got cockfights because they've got something [against it]. That's the people who I work with."The love Omar gets in his native Puerto Rico is rivaled only by Daddy Yankee and Tego Calderón — the two other undisputed kings of the reggaetón genre. According to entertainment promoter Felix Cabrera and the two artists will be performing in four cities this summer as part of The Kingdom tour.There are mounting claims that Omar Mateen was gay and looking to hook up on apps and in clubs -- but it appears he was also actively hitting on women ...a strong sign of a possible struggle with his sexuality.

Cord Cedeno says he connected with Mateen a couple years ago on Grindr, but it was hardly titillating.

Cedeno says Mateen -- whose profile was a pic of him in a tie -- would only say "Hi" over and over.

He says he eventually blocked Mateen, but knows 4 friends who say the Orlando murderer remained active on other apps.

He says Mateen used Adam4Adam to send shots of his penis to men -- but never showed his face.

Cedeno says he has no knowledge Mateen was ever successful in hooking up with a man. a female user on Plenty Of Fish says Mateen reached out to her 18 months ago. mentioned he had a child, but said he was single and looking for a good woman to marry." She told us Mateen never said anything about being into men, but did rant about Islam and the Quran ... She says he wanted to meet face-to-face, but she too blocked him because he seemed "emotionally unstable." The FBI says it's investigating Mateen's potential activity on gay apps, and reports he'd visited Pulse multiple times before Sunday morning's killings.

It doesn't exactly mirror the intensity of Super Bowl Sunday, or even Wrestlemania Sunday, but the fans going to this event in Loiza, Puerto Rico, are going to be worked into a frenzy in about 15 minutes.

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