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The result is sorted numerically and and the last five entries are shown.So as result you'll see the largest 5 files in qbi's answer is correct but it will be very slow when there are a lot of files since it will start a new ls process for each item.

6794M ./lib 5902M ./lib/mysql 3987M ./lib/mysql/my_database_dir 1825M ./lib/mysql/my_database_dir/a_big_997M ./lib/mysql/my_database_dir/another_big_657M ./log 629M ./log/apache2 587M ./log/apache2/ssl_273M ./cache When I need make more free space on servers I use this command.It find all files bigger then 50 MB and "du -h" make better list of files and "sort -n" after pipe make list numericcaly sorted by file size.Are you looking to talk to hot single and men and women right now.We have thousands of females and males call our chat line every day looking to connect to men and women.Years have passed and disks have become larger and larger, but even on this incredibly huge harddisk era, the space seems to disappear over time.This small and effective programs provides more convenient listing than the default du(1).

It displays what has happened since last run and displays dir size and the total percentage.It is possible to navigate and ascend to directories by using cursor-keys with text based browser (links, elinks, lynx etc.) Ncdu is a ncurses-based du viewer.It provides a fast and easy-to-use interface through famous du utility.It allows to browse through the directories and show percentages of disk usage with ncurses library./dev/null | sort -n 0 /cdrom 0 /0 /lib64 0 /proc 0 /sys 0 /vmlinuz 4 /lost+found 4 /mnt 4 /nonexistent 4 /selinux 8 /export 36 /media 56 /scratchbox 200 /srv 804 /dev 4884 /root 8052 /bin 8600 /tmp 9136 /sbin 11888 /lib32 23100 /etc 66480 /boot 501072 /web 514516 /lib 984492 /opt 3503984 /var 7956192 /usr 74235656 /home on them.The last command prints the allocated size of a file plus the filename.