Milo ventimiglia and hayden panettiere dating

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Milo ventimiglia and hayden panettiere dating

Hayden Panettiere, who claims that she’s not like the rest of us and thinks that the public wants to “destroy” celebrities, is continuing to give her ex boyfriend, Milo Ventimiglia, a hard time on the set of their show Heroes.Hayden and Milo split way back in February, and there were reports in March that she was trying to get him kicked off the show and refused to be around him on set.

Her fat paycheck and Heroes’ low ratings don’t seem to be motivating her either. never been dumped before, and when they resumed shooting the new season, she began taking out her hostilities on Milo,” said the insider.

“She’s been bad-mouthing Milo behind the scenes to the producers.

She gripes about doing scenes with him and flashes him dirty looks when they are not shooting…

“Milo hoped they could maintain a professional relationship…” When Milo tried to smooth things over with Hayden, “she acted like she didn’t know what he was talking about,” the source said.

“Hayden told Milo ‘Will you please get over yourself! ’”, print edition, December 7, 2009] I believe this story about a girl who once explained that she gives fans a “half smile” as a “survival skill.” She’s full of herself and she can’t handle it that she got dumped.

How lame for Hayden that she’s letting it affect her work and is still holding on to a bitter grudge after nearly a year.

Apparently, Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere have completely different priorities and these days.

The 19-year old invulnerable cheerleader evidently wants to party hardy and the 31-year old part-time EMT, part-time wet blanket wants to work. He's probably done enough of the club circuit and realizes that he's got to make his career hum while he still has the chance. The rumor out of LA, though, is that may have been getting a little frisky with Jesse Mc Cartney. They're relationship has always been a little sketchy to us.

First of all, he's just enough years older than her that it borders on inappropriate (given her youth).

Their relationship actually violates the "half his age (rounding down) plus seven" rule (she'd have to be 22 to get back in compliance). Did they really fool anyone by starting to date "after" she turned 18?

And finally, has been struggling the last season or so.

Could their off-screen romance have been too much of a distraction for the rest of the show?