Is katy perry dating travis mccoy

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Is katy perry dating travis mccoy - Adult learning centre chatham

Katy Perry fans have horrible grammar and spelling.With Luba's post as evidence, they are obviously tremendously uneducated and sheltered individuals who can't tell the difference between being true to yourself and abusing sexual taboo for profit.

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She has autotune, mellodyne, and a hundred thousand dollar recording budget.

For the love of gawd, please check out this reality thing.

It's so much more honest here.travis mccoy is the lead singer of a band called the gym class heroes and they rock!

and i will admit that katy perry is a good singer but the gym class heroes are 896468948 times better so please don't disrespect my favorite band in the world.kay?

"We're going to spend the whole summer together," Mc Coy, 26, told PEOPLE at a recent record release party for label mate Tyga, in Los Angeles.

"She's going to be on Warped Tour with us, she's going to be performing.

It's going to be a good time." [People] Related: PHOTOS: Katy Perry "Hot N Cold" (Video Shoot) PHOTOS: Katy Perry @ Mercury Lounge (Photo Gallery) Exclusive interview with Katy Perry Katy Perry plasters breasts (Video)Katy Perry artist page at Prefix katy perry is like the GOD OF SINGING who ever does not love her than $*%#@ you because she is awsome.she most probably made other girls and even guys to come out of there shadow and reveal there selfs!!!and trust me if i was gay or by i would tottaly try to go out with her if i was her age , but too bad im not so to bad for her but she is really pretty and i dont know why some guys would not drool over her,i guess they r gay!!!the first time i herd her song on the radio i went on the computer and learned the whole thing, and now i do not leave my room without hearing it at least one more time, even if it takes an hour or two.i stay up pretty much all night wondering when they r going to play the new songs for these past three days i most probably got only ten or less hours of sleep!!!aand the last thing i want to say is KATY PERRY I LOVE U, U R MY HERO, U R PRETTY, U SING AWSOME AND I CANNOT SAY IT ALL IN THIS BOX, OF HOW MUCH I LOVE U BUT I AM PRETTY SURE THAT U GOT THE IDEA, AND I HOPE U PEOPLE WILL REALISE ONE DAY HOW GREAT SHE IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!