I am dating a man who is separated

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I am dating a man who is separated

You don’t realize it, but you are a rebound from his marriage.

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Maybe he was deeply unhappy in his marriage and knows for certain that he wants out. But he still has to take the time to process the end of his marriage and assess what went wrong and the role he may have played. It’s also not just another random woman who wants him; it’s . At any moment, he could decide that he acted too rashly, wants to give his family another shot, and return where his wife and child are waiting with open arms.(It does take two.) Unless he does that, it’s impossible for him not to bring the baggage from his relationship with his wife into the relationship with you. If you told me he’d been separated for years, I’d wonder what the holdup was, but I’d think that a reunion was less likely to happen (even though I know of couples who have been separated for years and worked things out).He needs to “do his work.” You’re a distraction from that. This isn’t like dating, where you say “It’s over,” move out and, just like that, the relationship is over. Many states require a legal separation of a full year before couples can even begin divorce proceedings. The hope is that if spouses take the time to consider their situation thoughtfully and with clear heads, they can work out their issues and reunite. His wife says otherwise, which makes this situation very messy. But a guy who got in a serious relationship three months after he moved out? I’m wondering why, in your mid-20s, you’re willing to take on the complications of a married man with a wife and child.What is so compelling and urgent about this relationship that you can’t wait for his divorce papers?I’m currently in a seven-month relationship with a married man who is separated from his wife (it’ll be a year this October).They don’t live together but are co-parenting a child.

I’ve met the baby, wife, immediate family as well as close friends.Also, he took me on a trip out of the country for a wedding that he and his wife were initially invited to.While I love how things are going, entering a new season (mid-20s), I am reassessing this.Should I back up because his marital status isn’t “divorced”?Let me mention that he wants one and his wife doesn’t. He might be separated from his wife, but he is still married to her.Or should I give it more time (two years) to see what happens? “Separated” does not mean “single.” You’re right to reassess this one in your new season because this is a bad situation.

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