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There's so much accusation against Singaporeans being 'xenophobic' on the internet lately, so I thought I write this for the benefit of our foreign talents, particular the straight white male.Before we start, let me state 2 things which this article is NOT.

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These women will typically attached themselves to Caucasian men anyway so you have to be a real dork if you haven't already scored with one of these partygirls. We're talking about romancing Singaporean women who would ordinarily not consider dating white men.

They could be bankers, teachers, civil servants, lawyers, doctors, salesgirls, accountants, waitresses, students, models or girlfriends or wives of local men.

Also, this guide is NOT written by a Caucasian expat.

It is written by a local Singaporean regular clubber and social observer who has witnessed how surprisingly readily local (non-SPG) women get hooked up with Caucasian men.

Every expatriate I've met who's been here for a year or more has had at least one fling with a local gal.

Likewise, most of my local female friends have admitted to at least one romantic hook-up with a Caucasian expat.

Some women reading this will swear they are not "the type" who will date white men, but I've witnessed many of these "types" eventually hooking up with white men, and some even end up tying the knot.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Forget about Singapore's reputation as being an unhappy nation where people have the least sex. Women in Singapore do love sex, and the best part is - they are often discreet about their exploits.But this does not warrant an all-out testosterone-driven approach to court them.That would border on sexual harassment, and it often doesn't get what you really want.The key to romancing local women is POLITE FLIRTATION.And here I must add that it is more advantageous if you are Caucasian and English-speaking.