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Futuristic dating - dating in danmark

We’ve collected ten instances of futuristic sci-fi concepts featured in sci-fi films that could actually come true, with real world evidence to back these claims up.

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The establishment (the 1%-ers of the year 2154) has built Elysium, a wreath-shaped space station that houses the cultural, political, and social elite.

(The economics of Elysium are never broken down, but there is constant reference to the price of a ticket.

There are undoubtedly more costs once you reach the station.) Everything is clean on Elysium and seemingly important decisions about the burnt out planet it orbits are made on this station, since it seems like the president and all other important political officers are located here.

It’s filled with nifty gizmos like a medical pod that eliminates cancer cells and can regrow damaged organs, bones, and facial hair.

While star Matt Damon and writer/director Neill Blomkamp have been repeatedly stating that there is no inherent social message to their new futuristic thriller “Elysium” (review here), it’s something of a dubious claim.

There are a number of real-life social and political parallels that you can draw between burnt out future of “Elysium” and the slightly less charred world we live in today (everything from the Occupy movement to Blackwater’s involvement in American military actions in the Middle East).

And if it isn’t a social commentary (as the filmmakers claim), at the very least, it is a work of extraordinarily vivid speculative science fiction, one in which Los Angeles looks like an unruly Mexico City (where they shot the film) and robots hassle you on your way to work.It’s enough for us to start wondering which of the concepts trotted out in “Elysium” (and there were a bunch) have the possibility of actually coming true.If “Elysium” isn’t a social movie now, it might be a crystal ball instead.Science fiction has always been a genre to deal in the tantalizing possibilities of what if…?And along with more obvious, whimsical flights of fancy (there’s probably not going to be a device that instantly zaps you to Mars, at least anytime soon), there are genuine attempts at capturing what life will be like in the not-too-distant future.Sometimes these events come about as a fortuitous combination of luck and happenstance, but sometimes the filmmakers use their collective imagination to really take a stab at where we could be headed.

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