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Since 1994, with great success, Colgate-Palmolive Company has partnered with WOMEN Unlimited to provide leadership development to more than 300 talented Colgate women.As one of WOMEN Unlimited's first Corporate Partners in NY, we have seen them grow to one of the country's premier leadership development organizations focused on helping corporations accelerate the advancement of women, a goal that we share wholeheartedly.Adobe has maintained a very strong partnership with WOMEN Unlimited since 1997.We've recently completed an analysis looking at graduates from our WOMEN Unlimited program compared to all others employed by Adobe.I can clearly see increased retention and promotion rates and the overall positive impact WOMEN Unlimited has had in terms of our efforts to retain and grow key talent."The programs offered by WOMEN Unlimited have brought immense benefit to our employees and to Millennium as an organization...

Our partnership with WOMEN Unlimited has helped to foster empowerment in our offices and laboratories and develop the next generation of women leaders." Development of our top associates is critical to New Balance and a strategic initiative for our business.Partnering with WOMEN Unlimited is an important component of our development program.Our women associates who have graduated from this program have benefited greatly and further contributed to the success of our business.By investing in our talent through sponsoring their participation in this program we have seen strong individuals blossom into even stronger leaders.It is a privilege to partner with WOMEN Unlimited, as we strive toward a shared goal and vision.We at Google believe strongly in your mission and the impact you are having.

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