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[Sequel to “Be My Girl Tonight”] Z struggles to balance dating Bridge while maintaining her close friendship with Sky.


Hope you enjoy the final and most provocative story yet in the trilogy!"Syd, I can finish up running this C-Squad training session, if you need some extra time to get ready for your evening with Sky tonight," offered Bridge, well aware of the pink ranger's longtime crush on their team leader."It's not like Sky and I are going on a date of anything," pouted Syd before brightening. All he asked is if I wanted to watch a movie with him, since we both happen to have the night off.""Which means, since you are Sydney Drew, you will still need tons of extra time to pick out an outfit, do your makeup, put those rolley things in your hair," began Bridge. I've got things with C-Squad under control here.""Thanks, Bridgey! "You're the best.""Yeah, let's just hope Sky doesn't spend the entire night worrying over who the new green ranger will be," said Bridge."Doggie said he's going to make the announcement any day now.""I'm heard," said Syd. ""Well since the rest of us don't have the evening off, Cruger said Z could help me in the lab," replied Bridge, blushing slightly at the name of his significant other."You really think Z's really going to go for spending time in the lab, even if it is with you?" asked Syd, raising a doubtful eyebrow as she remembered her roommate saying she found lab work as appealing as Zord bay cleanup.But Syd saw that Bridge had not heard her last comment as he had already started running C-Squad through a series of spinning kick drills.Since Bridge and Z had officially coupled up shortly after Jack's departure from SPD, the pink ranger and Sky had been spending more and more time together.

Syd checked her watch, her heart fluttering when she saw she had a little less than an hour till her big, not-quite movie date with Sky.Still looking down at the time, Syd nearly missed being run over by a young boy on his bike."Be careful Sam, I mean, Cadet Mc Fayden!" Syd quickly corrected herself, wondering what Sky would think if she was caught speaking so informally during training."Sorry!" Sam called back from the bike B-Squad had given him shortly after he joined the Academy."Uhhh Sam, when I said I wanted C-Squad to put the peddle to the metal and practice spinning kicks, I didn't mean it literally," Syd heard a worried-sounding Bridge say as Sam hurled himself horizontal mid-air and launched his legs outward over his bike.Stopping in her path back to Academy, Syd stood for a moments and watched Sam with a huge grin on her face.The twelve-year-old from the streets had come a long way from acting as Grumm's accomplice to now being one of the most promising cadets on C-Squad. Her vivid, ocean-blue eyes narrowed in on a stranger in baggy jeans and a hooded sweatshirt, whose head followed the path of Sam on his bike.

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