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From the picturesque wine region in the north to the gorgeous beaches of the Algarve in the south there are definitely lots of things to do in Portugal.Portugal has heaps of UNESCO World Heritage sites, an extensive history, excellent cuisine and best of all, affordable prices.

The weather is sublime and traditional Portugese hospitality make visitors feel right at home.Alfama Alfama is the oldest quarter found in the capital of Lisbon.Winding and narrow medieval streets offer unique views of the area.This ancient quarter is a village inside a city with whitewashed homes, tiny squares, interesting churches, and wrought iron balconies strung with flower pots and drying laundry.Alfama is a revered destination when in Lisbon and provides many things to do in Portugal.If looking for things to do in Portugal that include seas side activities head south to the very appealing Algarve region where Portugal’s best beaches are found.

Comprised of three distinct cities as well as many quaint towns and villages, this area of Portugal skirts on the edge of the Atlantic and provides endless entertainment.

Torre de Belem One of the many UNESCO sites in the country, Torre de Belem lies on the banks of the Tagus River in Lisbon.

It is an attractive and unique monument and the tower’s distinct shape is sharply defined by the water and sky providing a beautiful visual.

It was built as an integral aspect of a defensive system at the mouth of the river.

Conimbriga Ruins Things to do in Portugal include a visit to the Conimbriga Ruins which is like a step back into the lives of the Romans.

Greek mythological characters are portrayed among the ruins and can be seen via a walk through the old streets and houses with courtyards full of vibrant mosaics in one of the oldest Portugal attractions in the country.

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