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But on the other hand, a non-Jew should not wear a kippah, since that might deceive others into thinking that he is Jewish.In practice, non-Jews will sometimes wear a kippah while attending a Jewish religious function (many world leaders have been photographed at the Western Wall wearing a kippah), but in general a non-Jew should not wear one, due to the confusion it may cause.

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In 1827, Czar Nicholas I decreed that all Jewish boys be forcibly conscripted into the Russian Army at age 12.

Called "cantonists," these boys were kidnapped from their parents' home, and tortured repeatedly with the implication that conditions would improve if they'd accept Christianity.

(Many died of their wounds.) The boys were indoctrinated in military prep school until age 18, and thereafter served 25 years in the army.

The authorities saw it as a corrective, forced assimilation of stubborn Jews into Russian society, and as a way to undermine the authority of Jewish communal leaders.

Some 50,000 Jewish boys were forced into Czar Nicholas' army, and most never returned to the families they had left at age 12.

The policy was abolished in 1855, with the death of Nicholas.

If a person is indecisive about which of two courses of action to take, the question to ask is: "Which choice will bring more honor to the Almighty?

" The reply to this question is the path to choose. Rabbi Shimon ben Shatach once bought a donkey and found a gem in the carrying case which came with it.

The rabbis congratulated him on the windfall with which he had been blessed.

"No," said Rabbi Shimon, "I bought a donkey, but I didn't buy a diamond." He proceeded to return the diamond to the donkey's owner, an Arab, who remarked, "Blessed be the God of Shimon ben Shatach." A non-Jew once approached Rabbi Safra and offered him a sum of money to purchase an item.

Since Rabbi Safra was in the midst of prayer at the time, he could not respond to the man, who interpreted the silence as a rejection of his offer and therefore told him that he would increase the price.

When Rabbi Safra again did not respond, the man continued to raise his offer.