Dating a shy guy tips

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Dating a shy guy tips - extendeddating com

There she is: that cute woman who’s exactly your type, standing over by the cheese dip laughing and talking with her friends. He ends up staring at them all evening, hoping that they’ll come up and talk to him.

If so, you’re probably one of the Sharp Men who finds shyness affecting his social life. Most people find themselves feeling shy in social situations at some point in their lives, and it’s especially difficult for many men to feel comfortable approaching women.

Another charming Sharp Man was so shy around the woman he liked that he actually went out and bought a new VCR way beyond his budget for the sole purpose of being able to bashfully ask her, "Hey, I just got a new VCR, want to come over and watch a movie?

" His risk-taking worked out well, since they’re now married.

These and other shy guys will be pleased to learn that many women actually like and appreciate shy guys more than they do forward guys; they want a considerate man who has given thought to his approach, not a Casanova who comes on to everything in a skirt.

Like a very attractive female friend of mine (who’s been hit on by just about everyone) says, "shy guys are the best." Use this information to psych yourself up the next time you feel apprehensive about speaking to that certain Sharp Woman.

Here’s a tasty tidbit that may surprise shy guys who think that they always have to be the pursuers: amazingly enough, anthropological studies show that women, rather than men, are the ones who initiate contact the majority of the time. Women do this not by being the first to approach the other person, but by sending out non-verbal signals that are meant to clue the man in to their interest and availability.

That’s a really handy bit of information for shy guys to understand.It means that if you can learn to read a woman’s body language, it will give you an advantage you’ve never had before: you’ll have at least some sort of advanced clue as to whether or not she’s interested or approachable. Look for these signals: If you see any of the three above clues, especially in conjunction with the ones previously noted, it’s a big-time hint for you to step up to bat. Of course, some Sharp Women are just as shy as you are and may be apprehensive to give off these blatant signals, even if they’re interested in you, for fear of appearing too "forward." Unfortunately, telling the difference between a woman who’s shy and one who’s not interested can be pretty difficult.Likewise, she may just be friendly and not realize that her actions could be interpreted as flirtatious.The only real way to distinguish in the case of a shy girl is to talk to her.And let’s face it, you’re the guy; if you’re interested, it’s your job.Keeping all this in mind, let’s go over some more body language information.

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