Dating a family member

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Dating a family member

The first thing you can do to help a family member or friend is to work out whether they are being or have been scammed. For example, find out what the opportunity is and get the information in writing.Our types of scams page provides useful information on the main scams in circulation. Take the time to review the fine print to see if it’s legitimate.

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Run image searches on photos of admirers to see if the photo has been used in other scams.

Once you have confirmed the scam, ask your family member what they would like to happen next. Grooming occurs when a scammer builds a trusting relationship with the target through regular contact.

Scammers will attempt to convince their victim that they are their friend or in some cases, a romantic interest.

In many cases, once the scammer has successfully groomed the target and gained their trust, they will attempt to alienate and isolate the person from their family, friends and colleagues.

It is also very common for victims to become targets for further scams.

If you see a lifestyle change that’s out of the ordinary, you need to ask yourself why.

For example, if your outgoing grandparent suddenly becomes withdrawn, that’s a sign something could be wrong.Look for any suspicious or unusual activities and review financial statements.If your family member agrees, you should ensure that all contact with the scammer stops.Find out exactly what personal information has been revealed.Block the scammer’s email address or ‘unfriend’ them from any social media sites or apps.Consider changing your family member’s email address and phone number, especially if contact from the scammer continues.

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