Changmin and victoria dating

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Changmin and victoria dating - bc ad dating system

In the picture, it reveals pictures of them having the same accessories or bags as if they were indeed a couple.

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Internet users commented, "These pictures make us suspicious that they could be dating." On the other hand, yesterday, f(x) Victoria had posted a picture on her weibo that showed a reflection of someone in her spoon.

Fans speculated that it was TVXQ Changmin and the agency revealed it to be true.

It was also revealed that the weibo picture has currently been deleted due to the issue it was bringing.

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As is the case with most celebrity dating scandals, netizens, unconvinced by SM Entertainment’s attempts to quash recent rumors swirling about f(x) leader Victoria and TVXQ member Max Changmin’s alleged romance, have taken it upon themselves to dig up more “evidence” that the two are indeed a couple.

Photos of the two idol stars began floating around the Internet since the scandal broke on February 25, and netizens have pointed to matching cell phone key chains and suitcases as well as photos of Victoria and Max Changmin holding hands to prove their case.

Dating rumors about Victoria and Max Changmin began circulating when a hawk-eyed netizen discovered that the man reflected in a spoon shown in a photo f(x)′s Victoria posted onto her Weibo on February 24 was the TVXQ member.

Are the netizens grasping at straws or are they on to something?

Photo credit: Online community# fx, Victoria, TVXQ, Changmin TVXQ Changmin-f(x) Victoria Spoon Scandal not Over?

Dating Evidence Revealed Online Internet users have done it again!

Fans have found 'evidence' of pictures online that could speculate that the two are dating.

Recently on an online community board, a post with the title, 'Changmin-Victoria Dating Evidence' along with a picture.