Arma 2 updating version 1 01 to version 1 06

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Arma 2 updating version 1 01 to version 1 06 - crush dating someone else quotes

New enemies roaming the country : You might stumble on Ghouls on your journey.

arma 2 updating version 1 01 to version 1 06-71

Rumor is they built themselves a little village, hidden in the northern country.Enhanced atmosphere : Using custom color corrections for a more immersive, "end of the world" feeling.Alternative introduction : You'll have a limited control (sort of) on where you want to start your journey.Plans for upcoming updates are in the second post below.This is a single player release based on Day Z and inspired by Day Z 2017. Modified loot tables : Food and drinks will be harder to come by.Features in this release :- Bandits and recruitable survivors AI. - 26 additional character models & skins, including gas masks and the post-apocalypse units. Bandages and Antibacterial wipes spawn chances have been lowered but items to craft those are easier to find.

The player starts with a random weapon, a hatchet and a few other items. - Loot cycle script (triggered when sleeping at tents). (Gasmasks models are from the ACE mod, however ACE is not needed to run this.) Custom loadout : You've been surviving the apocalypse for many years and know how to defend yourself. This release also includes gas masks (no effects for now) for both the player and NPCs. More details on 2018 : New skins : Amongst other new models, the mod is using the post-apo units created by Icewindo and modified for the Day Z 2017 mod.(WIP) Weapons and bags spawns also have been changed to be more consistant the post-apocalyptic background. Depending on the weather, Chernarus will be a colder, harsher place to survive.Animal spawns are reduced, breath fog (day & night) added for all NPCs and the player.

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