Adult sex dating sites malaysia

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Adult sex dating sites malaysia

As some of you may know by now, I am a single mother.In an Asian “traditional” context, it is like being a “ghost” – because there are people who will never really see you, and then there are those who can see you but they are too afraid to go near you.

Although we claim that we all live in a modern society, certain “stigmas” still exist.

Some view single mothers as a “death sentence” because no man would willingly want to pay and raise another man’s kid/kids.

It is like picking up the tab for someone else’s fancy dinner party that never ends.

Or, it is like what the dude below posted in his FB status.

Most of the time, single mothers are labelled as “a truckload of baggage”.

And in Asia, some very rich and very married men actually think of single mothers as perfect “mistress-material”.

These men assume that single mothers would welcome the financial support, as well as getting laid on certain days of the week.

Apparently, the wealthy married men are never available during weekends.

Weekends are reserved only for their real families.

I know this NOT from personal experience, but from some single mother-friends who only date married men.

Well, they have their own personal reasons for “enrolling” themselves into that kind of arrangement, but we shall not get into that in this post.

So, in a world filled with young, beautiful and available women – single mothers seem to be pushed to the bottom of the barrel, in terms of dating and men.

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